Saturday, March 15, 2008


Welcome to Seattle Neighborhood Watch!

We aren't in the business of staring behind curtains on the lookout for local crime, but we are interested in observing the atmosphere and goings on in the different neighborhoods in Seattle and reporting back on the vibe.

We are tourists in our own city, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE BLOGVENTURE.


J.See said...

It will be total neighborhood blogination.

Rae Lyn said...

This is awesome. I need in on this action. Maybe I caould make a guest appearance. LOL

just wondering said...

I am confused why you chose the name "Neighborhood Watch" knowing exactly what that means and, obviously, knowing that you aren't really watching anything - after skimming your posts, it appears you do a lot more interacting (especially eating and shopping) than watching.

Considering the recent random stabbings, I would think an actual Seattle Neighborhood Watch would be a good idea, not something to scoff at. Neighborhood watches do more than "staring behind curtains on the lookout for local crime". That is an outdated stereotype that ignores the actual benefits of watch groups - people knowing their neighbors, staying aware of their surroundings, etc.

Pana said...

When I think of neighborhood watch I think of the episode in the second season of Beverly Hills, 90210 where the Walsh parents become involved in their neighborhood watch program. I can't remember exactly what happened -- but Brandon dated the one black girl (actually, I think it was Vivica Fox?) and her other boyfriend got picked up by cops in the neighborhood just because he was black! Or something like that?

That doesn't have anything to do with your comment, I just like excuses to think about 90210.

Anonymous said...

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