Friday, April 11, 2008

Coming Soon! International District

This weekend will feature a blog by ME on our trip to the International District last weekend. Sorry for the wait, it has been a hectic week for me. Last night would have been my only time to do it, except instead I got some work done on a tattoo I have! Just so you know that it was worth it, I'm including a photo.

Also, we have no current plan for our next trip so I would like to request recommendations now and we will pick where we go next based on them. Remember, we like food! And beer stores! And other stores with weird things! So let us know what you think.

4-10 Georgia O'Keefe Tattoo Progress


Molly said...

Very nice tat!
I'll be looking forward to reading your review of the ID, there are so many cool places to wander around in down there.

pas said...

whats the theme of the tat?